With our simple returns process, you can shop online worry-free.

If something doesn’t work out, you can send most items back within 30 days of delivery.*

Start the return process within 30 days of receiving your item.
Product must be in new or unused condition, with all original product inserts and accessories.
We will refund the full cost of the merchandise and shipping charges if the return is a result of our error . We award a partial refund for opened or used products.
Ship the product as soon as possible so it arrives at our facility within 45 days of receipt of the item.
We inspect all returned items and will refund you based on the condition of the item.

* You should note that this return policy does not apply to perishable food products.

How to Return an Item:

Please fill out and send an email to customercare@ericswarehouse.com to get the return policy started. Please include any receipts and item or order numbers in the email.

Defective Product and Returns Due to Our Error:

If there are mistakes with your order, or products arrive defective/damaged at the time of receipt, we’ll make it right by:

Sending you replacement parts or accessories
Replacing the product or
Issue a refund
And we’ll also cover the cost of any return shipping
If the product is not defective, return shipping fees will apply and/or a partial refund may be issued

Products Returned After 30 days
Did you miss the 30-day return window? Great news! You may still start a return after 30 days, but you may get a partial refund depending on the following:

Condition of the merchandise
Cost of the original and/or return shipping charges deduction from your refund
If we send you a replacement item, we need to receive the original item at our warehouse within 30 days of you starting the return process. Otherwise, we will charge you full price for the replacement.

Please contact customercare@ericswarehouse.com if you need to return an item outside the 30 dayreturn time frame.


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