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American Dynamics AD2088 Camera Controller Keypad
"  American Dynamics AD2088 Camera Controller Keypad  "
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Deerfield Beach, FL

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       Features: * Variable-speed, vector-solving, twist-to-zoom joystick for pan/tilt/zoom control * Renowned for high reliability and durability * Camera, monitor, recorder and site selection * 1000 User-defined macros * 8 Customizable macro keys * Recorder control (VCRs and digital video recorders) * LED display (with brightness control) * Preset, pattern and auxiliary control * Joystick push-button for dome flip function * Lens control * Tour control * Salvo control * Alarm control * Satellite site selection * Operator keyswitch with removable key * System programming * Power-up self-test * Tactile full-travel keys

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