Eric's Warehouse Item Report 1/21/2016 1:52:57 PM

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view Vintage Nan Tan notebook computer FMA- Vintage computer 1229


view Steris SQ240 P617105171 BREAKER For SQ240 surgical lights control panel 1228

Circuit 250V 8A

view Vintage Panasonic Parts Various vintage legacy Panasonic video 1227

parts list

view GE - TruSignal-Datex Ohmeda TSN3 - New Interconnect Cable Datex Ohmeda 1226

SPO2 Cable connector

view Philips M1733A 3 - Lead 8 - Pin Patient M1580A CB-813029R HEWLETT 1222


view Masimo LNOP MP12 cable Dual key New Masimo cable LNOP 1221

patient cable

view Mitsubishi SVHS - HS5300 Time Lapse Time lapse recorder 1220


view Panasonic VPK0850 - VEQ0747 Remote New remote control for panasonic AG-560 1219

Control Unit

view Steris P056159002 Housing and Brush Steris Quantum Surgical Light housing 1218

Assembly with brushe

view Stryker TPS Core Shaver Sys Footswitch Good Footswitch with connector 1217

5100-8 IPX7 missing/broken

view Amsco P129362-228 Tungsten Halogen Amsco Steris P129362-228 Bulb 22v 1216

Bulb 22v 220w 220w

view Mens Rolex Stainless Steel With Black Genuine Rolex w/Black and Gold Dial - 1215

Dial 15000 Wow

view Beckertime - Quality Pre-owned Rolex 1214


view MDE Escort Prism Physiological Monitor Used Biomed re-certified Vital signs 1213

20413 monitor

view Cicso Power Stacking Cable 37-1122-01 New Set of 2 Cisco power Stacking 1212

37112201 Cables

view DAEC 453141400020R11 Display Port New display port cable 1211

Cable 6ft-6in

view Hotron 6ft 18Pin M-M DVI Cable New New DVI cables 1210


view USB-A to USB-B Printer Cable New 1.7 meter printer cable 1209


view Steris SQ240 P150824857 SWITCH Lamp intensity switch for SQ240 control 1208


view P141211235 Redundant Lamp Control New Steris Redundant Lamp Ctl PCB 1207

Board Assembly SQ 240

view P764327925 SQ240 REDUNDANT LAMP P 764327 925 with Sterile Handle 1206


view Steris P141211194 SQ Optical Core Used Optical Core Assy for SQ surgical 1204

Assembly Lights

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